PanzerGlass™ ClearCase™ Samsung Galaxy S21 – Black Edition (0261), Protection against Drops, Dust and Scratches, Compatible with wireless charging


PanzerGlass™ ClearCase™ Samsung Galaxy S21 – Black Edition- (0261)

PanzerGlass™ ClearCase™ for Samsung Galaxy S21 protects the beautiful design you paid for while providing uncompromising protection against drops, dust and scratches. Crafted with PanzerGlass™ + a soft TPU frame ClearCase™ fits right over the buttons for easy and full access to all functions. The ClearCase™ coating prevents discoloration and does not affect the wireless charging. Finally, the ClearCase™ has a perfect alignment with a PanzerGlass™ screen protector


Scratch resistant
Anti greasy
Anti Ageing

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