PanzerGlass™ Apple iPhone 13 Mini – Black (PRO2744), Antibacterial glass , Crystal clear, Resistant to scratches and bacteria, Shock absorbing


PanzerGlass™Apple iPhone 13 Mini – Black – (PRO2744)

The PanzerGlass™ screen protector in black for iPhone 13 Mini with antibacterial coating has the same features as the original PanzerGlass™ and will protect your screen from scratches and bumps. This glass is coated with an active antimicrobial substance to make it resistant to bacterial and fungal spores. The antimicrobial ingredient kills bacteria and fungal spores on the glass and keeps you as the user protected.

The coating is non-toxic. It is food safe and approved for use in the EU (BPR) and the United States (EPA).

Proven to kill up to 99.99 % of most common surface bacteria


Antibacterial glass
Protects the entire screen
Crystal clear
100% touch
Resistant to scratches and bacteria
Shock absorbing
Easy to install
Original PanzerGlass™
New sustainable FSC labelled packaging

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